Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 & the Important Role of Porous
Materials in DAC Technology

27 October at 16:00 Greek time | Add to Calendar

Join our guest speaker Chris Jones, Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular
Engineering at Georgia Tech, for 'Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 and the
Important Role of Porous Materials in DAC Technology.'

Join us, as Professor Jones describes the design and synthesis,
characterization and application of oxide-supported amine materials that
have since been developed as cornerstones of new technologies for
the removal of CO2 from dilute (flue gas) and ultra-dilute (air) gas streams.

You will learn about the development of these materials, how they integrate
into scalable DAC technologies, as well as their key physicochemical
structure-property relationships. DAC technologies offer an interesting case
study for the parallel design of materials, unit operations, and processes in
chemical engineering.


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Prof. Chris Jones

Learn more about our webinar program at micromeritics.com/webinar.


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