Human Resources/Career

The people of HELLAMCO S.A, which are our most important capital, are specially selected, with many years of experience, perfectly aligned with our philosophy of respect and customer service.
Our company, with a high-level executive personnel, is constantly evolving its organizational structure to best meet our customers' needs.
Note that, in addition to sales consultants, the support personnel are mainly Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Food Technologists, etc. (PhD, MSc & BSc level), specially trained in the Research and Education Centers of the manufacturers we represent, a pioneering event for market data, which we first started in 1991.
Thus, the Technical and, most importantly, the Scientific Support we provide are the most integrated in Greece and internationally recognized, both for providing basic training and for the complete coverage of all modern support requirements (development of methods, calibration, IQ, OQ, PV, etc.).
Through their uninterrupted participation in special Seminars and International Scientific Conferences, we ensure their updated knowledge regarding the latest scientific developments and applications of analytical methods. This achieves the highest possible level of service to our customers.


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