Company Profile

Our goal is to ensure the best possible reliability of results, the continuous operation of the equipment, as well as the low running cost of your laboratory.


With the emblem of quality and high technology, HELLAMCO SA has been a leader in the field of Laboratory Scientific Equipment since its establishment in 1984, having as a key activity, but also as a strong incentive, the complete and reliable provision of sound technical and economical proposals for scientific equipment throughout Greece. The suggested solutions can range from a single pH meter to the study & supply of the entire Turn-Key Solution equipment of a laboratory or group of laboratories.

Since 1997 we have a full office in Thessaloniki, to meet the needs of Northern Greece, both in Sales and in Technical & Scientific Support.

Our Philosophy

Quality products and services is our core value and we strive to provide to all our customers. The complete equipment solutions we provide, are accompanied by the credibility of the experienced Hellamco personnel. We study your needs, install the machines on site and provide certification and maintenance. In the spirit of the company, exclusive partnerships with internationally recognized manufacturers and, above all, the valuable support of our customers, we owe the top position we hold and the international recognition we have gained. We place technology in the service of scientists. The extensive know-how of our specialists, includes a wide range of chemical, biochemical, etc. analytical methods and results from our commitment, to meet the increasing needs of our customer-laboratories.

Our Vision

Is to constantly improve all of the areas of our operation expertise, with the help and suggestions of our customers, so that we accomplish the best company ranking in this sector in Greece. This certainly requires the cooperation and synergy of all involved such as: Customers-company, suppliers-company, company personnel-company management, etc., which is also reflected in our logo, depicting two equal, interconnected & cooperating parts.


New Professional Horizon of Chemists and Chemical Engineers.

We are proud that, since 1991 our company has created a new professional field for Chemists and Chemical Engineers in our country.

In particular, the first Chemist employed, was skilled to support analytical instruments, mainly Scientific and also Technical. Its basic tasks included the installation of the instrument, its delivery in full operation, essential training of users, the development of analytical methods (Calibration), performance verification, etc.

Since 1984, our company is leading the market in Greece, since it has launched first plethora of new innovative scientific instruments. This leadership provides the lead of experience and appreciation in the corresponding methodology.

Indicatively, we mention some of the instruments we first installed in our country::

  • Desktop Mass Spectrometry and Mass Spectrometry System (GC/MSD)
  • GC/MS-MS Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  • Integrated High Performance Thin Film Chromatography Complex (HP-TLC)
  • HPLC system with Diode Array Detector
  • HPLC system for small diameter columns (NarrowBoreHPLC)
  • DiodeArraySpectrophotometer
  • Portable Chlorophyll Measurement System in water
  • Phosphorimager system without autoradiography
  • Automatic Synthesis Units and DNA Sequencing and Proteins (Synthesizers & Sequencers)
  • Ion Chromatography System
  • Portable Photosynthesis Measurement System
  • Portable Spectrum-Radiometry System
  • Combined FT-IR Spectrometer Assembly with Gas & Liquid Chromatograph (FT-IR/GC/LC)
  • ZetaPotential Measurement Device
  • Capillary Electrophoresis System
  • Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy API and APCIN Table System (LC/MSD)
  • Inductive Plasma Mass Spectrometry Complex (ICP/MS)
  • Laboratory Particle Size System with Laser Beam Diffraction
  • Online Particle Size System with Laser Beam Diffraction
  • Continuous Flow Isometric Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IR/MS)
  • Acid Scanning Microscope (AFM/STM)
  • Variable Vacuum Electron Microscope (VPSEM)
  • Accelerated Extraction System (ASE)





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