Major Projects & International Recognition

Major Projects

The undertaking and successful completion of major & very specialized Scientific Equipment projects, are a key factor in the recognition of our company.

Indicatively we mention the projects we have completed in the laboratories:

  • DNA Investigation Labs (C.S.I.) of the Greek Police (1995)
  • Research Center «GAIA» at the Museum of Goulandri Natural History (1999)
  • Doping Control of the «Athens Olympic Games 2004» (2003/2004)
  • Technological Park of Lavrion/N.T.U.A (2006)
  • Central & Regional Pollution Control Laboratories/G.C.S.L (2007)
  • Quality Control of Olive Oil/N.AG.RE.F (2008)
  • High-level and value-added instruments in the country's main HEIs and TEIs, funded by the ESPA (2013 & 2015)

International Recognition & Presence

The extremely successful operation of OAKA's Doping Control Laboratory, during the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, brought it to the top of the world, with significantly better performance, compared to all previous Olympic labs (Sydney, Barcelona & Atlanta). Hellamco, as the exclusive supplier and responsible for the impeccable operation, of at least 35 old and new mass spectrometers and mass spectrometers on a 24-hour basis, was invited in July 2005 as a consultant to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games organization. Hellamco is proud to stand worthy of the requirements of such important projects, which have been successfully completed, exclusively by its scientific personnel and expertise.

In addition, the provision of high-level support services is also recognized by important projects-service contracts outside Greece (Austria, Albania, Armenia, Norway, etc.). Indicatively, we provided specialized installation, calibration, etc. in 300 liquid and gas chromatographs (HPLC & GC) of all types, for 7 months in Austria (Santoz, 2014). We also successfully completed special training in the use of chromatography in the analysis of petroleum products in chemists, of the Baghdad State Laboratory (Athens, 2010).


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