Your own benefits

Quality Confirmation

  • Process optimization & low cost of use.
  • Participation & activation of the involved personnel to ensure compliance with the procedures.
  • Reduced production, sampling and testing monitoring cost.

Compliance with official procedures to meet specific analysis requirements

  • Performing evaluations using standard procedures applied in most application domains.
  • Confidence in compliance with the guidelines and requirements of control bodies (e.g: EOF, EFET, ESYD).
  • Operational capability & greater performance through direct installation, startup and user training by qualified & highly trained personnel.  

Accuracy = the source of your success

  • Specialized validation & calibration procedures provide accurate, reliable and traceable results.
  • Increased profitability with low production costs, due to improved results, at all stages of development, research & production.
  • Quantitative interpretation of measurement uncertainties leads to optimization of operating limits.  

Preventive maintenance for the protection of your investment

  • Regular preventive maintenance achieves control over usage costs, extended life time, extended production capacity & reduced downtime of your equipment.
  • Proper and extensive operator training, ensures productive and safe equipment use.
The requirements for Quality Control (QC) & Research (R&D) laboratories, from certification and calibration (international, state, etc.) regulations, along with the goal for high-quality products and traceable results of measurements, have as a consequence the requirement that: the procurement of any analytical instrument or measuring instrument must be accompanied by evidence, demonstrating the entire course of proper procurement, installation, proper operation and calibration of the instrument.
HELLAMCO, supports the management of customers quality systems, best contributes to the above-mentioned requirements, covering with the scientific and the procedures it has, the needs arising from the implementation of the regulations and compliance with the quality systems. We have created a special Metrology Department and we offer all the Metrological services directly listed in the following table:

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