Trace Gas Analyzers

LI-COR has a three-gas flux measurement solution that can be deployed in a range of environments year-round, providing precise measurements even when fluxes are low.

In this webinar, Graham Leggett, Principal Scientist and European Manager at LI-COR, will present the results of a year-long field study using the LI-7810 and LI-7820 with four 8200-104 long term gas chambers. Highlighting N2O measurements, he will demonstrate how the LI-7820 measures minimal detectable fluxes as low as 0.05 nmol m -2s -1.

LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzers are also suitable for a range of applications beyond soil gas flux. The webinar will briefly highlight recent research, including a six-month study of atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide in Ireland.

Learn how the LI-7810, LI-7815, and LI-7820 offer fast, precise, and reliable measurements of CO2, CH4, and N20 in a rugged, portable, and extendable system.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2022
10:00 AM CDT & 8:00 PM CDT

Graham Leggett, Principal Scientist and European Manager

Abby Brooke, Product Manager

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