Measuring sugar content in food and beverages is about to get better!

The new addition of the METTLER TOLEDO density and refractometry handheld portfolio- MyBrix handheld refractometer for instant and affordable sugar determination is now available for order!

This is one of the smallest, lightest and most versatile portable digital refractometers on the market for food and beverage applications and is ideal for determining the optimal harvesting time of fruits and vegetables (such as grapes, berries and tomatoes), performing incoming goods inspection, or process and quality control in juice, wine, soft drinks and food manufacturing. The MyBrix refractometer is the perfect solution for food and beverage producers who need a simple and affordable pocket refractometer for:

  • non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, coffee and tea)
  • alcoholic beverages (wine, beer)
  • ready meals (sauces, pastes, seasoning liquids, canned vegetables and fish)
  • agriculture and bulk foods (fruits and vegetables, tomato industry)
  • sweets and sweeteners (corn syrup, confectionery industry)
  • dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt and yoghurt drinks)
  • oils and fats (edible oils and fats)

Read more in Application Guide that includes an overview on the most important applications.

Benefits of the MyBrix Pocket Refractometer:

Compact and light

To work in the field and the near the production line, a compact and lightweight design is of utmost importance. The MyBrix is one of the smallest instruments in the market – lighter than your smartphone.

My Brix

Brix and more

While most competitors only offer single or dual scale pocket refractometers with limited Brix ranges, the MyBrix is designed with a full Brix range (0–95 °Brix) and many sugar-related scales to offer maximum performance and flexibility.

My Brix

Measurements within seconds

The MyBrix refractometer measures refractive index as well as sugar content instantly and precisely. Results are received within just 2 seconds in the desired scale.

My Brix

Robust and durable

With a weatherproof design (IP65 rated) and the rubberized keypad, the MyBrix is ideal for measurements in the field and near the production line. The shallow stainless steel prism dish facilitates cleaning and avoids cross contamination. With MyBrix you can perform up to 10'000 readings with just one battery set. An auto power off mode further optimizes power consumption.

My Brix

Read more in our datasheets that highlight features and benefits as well as technical specifications


Benefits of digital pocket refractometers compared to analog refractometers:

Fast, accurate and operator independent measurements

Digital refractometers offer many advantages over analog refractometers, including fast measurement, automated measurement, user-independent results, high accuracy, no matter the lighting conditions, multiple scales on one instrument, full refractive index /Brix range, measurement of dark samples, simple zero calibration.

My Brix

Datasheet - From Analog to Digital Handheld Refractometers


Densito & MyBrix - Powerful Couple


My Brix


Customers often need both refractometers and density meters and METTLER TOLEDO is the only company to offer both.

In wine production, refractometers are used to check whether the grapes are mature enough to harvest them, and density meters to check the degree of fermentation.

One of the most important parameters in wine production is the sugar content of the grapes. Accurately determining this value is crucial to deciding when to harvest for the highest quality wine. After grapes are harvested and crushed, the grape juice ferments in tanks for 7 to 14 days. During this time, the yeast present in the must (freshly crushed whole fruit juice) metabolizes the sugar in the grape juice, causing it to both proliferate and produce waste products, ethanol and CO2, and flavorings.

Densito or DensitoPro is a tailormade solution to wine density measurements, offering the following benefits during work in either the vineyards or the wine cellar:

  • One-handed operation thanks to the instrument's lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Automatic filling of the measuring cell with the internal sampling pump
  • Automatic conversion of the result to Brix, SG or related values
  • Excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the bright color display
  • Useful accessories, such as a protective cover and an accompanying wrist wrap, to protect against damage and accidental dropping of the instrument.

Read more about Wine Fermentation Monitoring using Densito in our Application Note

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