Universal Extraction Method for the Analysis of PCDD/F and PCB
in Consumer Products

Presentation by Kay Kelterer (GALAB)
Tuesday, 22.11.2022, starting 1 p.m. (CET)

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During the International Scientific Congress Dioxin 22 in New Orleans, Mr Kay Kelterer (GALAB Laboratories GmbH, Hamburg, Germany) presented great results of the analysis of PCDD/F and PCB in consumer products after pressurised fluid extraction (PFE). The content of his study was the establishment of a universal method based on the X-TRACTION® from LCTech for a variation of sample matrices such as textiles, nonwovens or nappies.

Results were requested in terms of:

  • one method for all sample matrices
  • LOQ in the low ng/kg range (2,3,7,8 TCDD 0.05 ng/kg)
  • QC performance criteria based on US EPA 1613, 1668 and EU regulations for food/feed; such as recovery rates for internal 13C -labelled standards

For the development of this extraction method, the team of GALAB-Laboratories GmbH also used the DEXTech16
from LCTech for automatic clean-up.

 Live-Talk by Kay Kelterer 
Mr Kay Kelterer will present his method and the abstract in person
on Tuesday, 22.11.2022, starting 1 p.m. 1 (CET),
for approx. approx. 20 minutes, in person. Mr Sebastian Wierer, Product Manager Robotics LCTech,
will also attend and be available to answer any questions about the X-TRACTION.  



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