On April 5th, the online user meeting series on various aspects of High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) go into the second year. We are happy to announce that the North America Chapter of the International HPTLC Association is again hosting the first event of this year’s edition.


Topic: HPTLC in compliance with USP <203> and beyond


Wednesday, 5 April 2023

18:00 Greek time


We will be discussing important advances in planar chromatography that impact analysts working in the dietary supplement industry. Further, we will present information for all planar chromatographers to get higher order data from their analytical workflows. These resources will be invaluable to food, forensic, pharmaceutical and environmental chemists as well.

Presentation 1: Scanning Densitometry, Additional Visualization, and HPTLC-Mass Spectrometry in the Quality Control of Botanical and Non-Botanical Dietary Supplements

James P. Kababick, Founder and Director of Flora Research Laboratories, LCC

In the US, 21 CFR part 111 regulates dietary supplements, both botanical and non-botanical. High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is considered the gold standard for botanical identity verification. Additional data layers, available from the same HPTLC plate through scanning densitometry, HPTLC-MS, and other visualization techniques, can provide insights not always obtainable with the fundamental visualization methods outlined in monographs. We will explore how these extra data layers can make a difference and how to incorporate them in your lab.

Presentation 2: High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography <203> looking behind the standardized parameters

Wilmer Perera, Ph.D., Laboratory Manager at CAMAG Scientific, Inc.

USP Chapters <203> and <1064> outline a procedure for using HPTLC in identification tests. HPTLC variables for sample application, chromatogram development, visualization, detection, documentation, and evaluation have been optimized and described in the chapters. Practical examples demonstrate that controlling all HPTLC parameters is crucial to achieve reproducibility in identifying botanical articles and effectively implementing USP methods into daily quality control.


Who should attend

  • Analysts and technicians working with HPTLC
  • Researchers interested in HPTLC
  • Students interested in learning more about HPTLC


Key learning objectives

  • Extend your knowledge about HPTLC and understand the benefits of HPTLC for diverse applications
  • Get insights into the daily work of HPTLC users
  • Learn how to optimize your HPTLC application(s)


How to participate

The HPTLC Online User Meeting is taking place on Zoom. Click the button below to register for the 1st HPTLC Online User Meeting 2023 and take the opportunity to engage in discussion with the presenters, colleagues, and representative from the HPTLC Association after the presentations.



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