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The Highs and Lows of PFAS Testing: An Expert Panel Discussion

Thursday, September 21, 2023

14:00 Greek time

This webinar will be in English



Join our panel of PFAS experts and explore the global implications of PFAS testing and the ever-updating regulatory requirements. Engage in discussions around challenges, solutions, and the future of analyzing these infamous "forever chemicals." Don’t miss the chance to overcome your analytical challenges by posting your questions to our expert panel.

Who Should Attend:

§  Lab Managers

§  Quality Managers

§  Technical Managers

§  Chief Scientific Officers

§  Lead Scientists who wish to improve their confidence, capabilities, and capacity in PFAS testing

Presented By:

Dr. Nicole Riddell
Quality Manager
Wellington Laboratories Inc.


Nicole Riddell smiling at camera

Dr. Nicole Riddelll obtained a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Orebro University (Sweden) under the supervision of Dr. Bert van Bavel and a Master’s Degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Guelph (Canada). Her main responsibilities include Quality Management in support of Wellington’s three ISO accreditations, provision of technical support relating to the use of Wellington’s certified reference standards, and general research project coordination. Nicole has worked heavily with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), in both a synthetic and analytical capacity, since she started at Wellington nearly 18 years ago.

Dr. Kari Organtini
Principal Scientist
Waters Corporation


Kari Organtini smiling at camera

As part of the food and environmental applications team at Waters, Dr. Kari Organtini is developing methods on LC- and GC- MS/MS for a variety of applications ranging from pesticides to persistent organic pollutants. She is currently the scientific lead for developing PFAS applications.

Stuart Oehrle
Consulting Scientist
Waters Corporation


Stuart Oehrle smiling at camera

Stuart Oehrle is a senior field chemist with 30 years of tenure at Waters. His primary area of focus is in the development and application of LC and LC-MS/MS for both preparative and analytical work. He has been involved in the identification and analysis of toxins from cyanobacteria using LC and LC-MS/MS as well as the development of the Porapak RDX solid phase extraction cartridge for groundwater analysis of explosives, and the use of LC-MS/MS for the analysis of chemical warfare agents to name a few.

Dr. Stuart Adams
Senior Field Chemist
Waters Corporation


Stuart Adams smiling at camera

Dr. Stuart Adams has been developing methods for the determination of contaminants in food and the environment for over 17 years. Before he moved to Waters in 2018 to focus on application development, he previously worked as a senior analytical chemist at Fera. He now works with customers to understand and help address their analytical challenges with Waters technologies, with a particular interest in PFAS.

Ken Rosnack
Principal Market Development Manager
Waters Corporation


Ken Rosnack smiling at camera

Ken Rosnack is a Principal Market Development Manager with a primary focus on the regulated and routine LC-MS/MS environmental market, where he is responsible for worldwide strategy implementation and performance. Throughout his career, Ken has been the primary author on numerous publications, has been an invited speaker multi-nationally, and has presented at many conferences. He has been involved with MS for the past 40 years.


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