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MRT in Action | Demo Series

Join us for this exciting demo series where we take you virtually into our application laboratories to see the SELECT SERIES™ MRT in action and explore different workflows from the beginning to the end. We have a lineup of short demos for you, where we will show you how you can expand the possibilities in your research.

PART 1: 19 Sept | 09:00 Greek time

Explore what’s possible: Uncompromised Performance

We kickstart the series with an overview and demonstration of multi-reflecting Time-of-Flight and highlight the unique benefits of high mass resolution and sub-ppm accuracy combined with the speed of Time-Of-Flight.
Join us to see how to run samples, and experience the latest software for data acquisition, visualization, and interpretation. Find out how MRT can expand the possibilities in your research.

PART 2: 26 Sept | 09:00 Greek time

Unquestioned Confidence in Metabolic Profiling

This session provides an overview and demonstration of the SELECT SERIES MRT for small molecule metabolite workflows such as metabolomics and drug metabolite identification.
During this demo, we will show how the MRT’s mass resolution of 200,000 and sub-ppm mass accuracy for MS and MS/MS data can be maintained at the fast acquisition rates needed for integration with UPLC and how this aids metabolite identification. In addition, you will discover new acquisition modes which further enhance performance.

PART 3: 3 Oct | 09:00 Greek time

Elevated Biologics Characterization

Join us to see how the exceptional resolving power of the MRT can help you make faster and better-informed decisions on Biopharmaceutical workflows.
During the demo, we will demonstrate how subtle modifications to primary structure such as differences in the isotope distributions of native and deamidated peptides can be unveiled with the MRT and how the high resolution of the MRT has benefits for protein analysis in that fully-resolved isotope distributions can be obtained, aiding in deconvolution to monoisotopic mass.

PART 4: 10 Oct | 09:00 Greek time

Accelerated Imaging Clarity

In our applications demo lab, we will show the simplicity of changing between MALDI and DESI XS modes, both available on the MRT instrument, providing complementary information. We will also highlight new imaging workflows, enabled by micro apps, that enable you to get from data to meaningful information quickly.

If you are unable to attend either of these sessions, you can still register to receive a link to watch the webinar on-demand after its initial broadcast.


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