WATERS: New GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor™-MS Eco Labeling Kits

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New GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor-MS™ Eco Labeling Kits - Now Available for Ordering!

As a customer who purchases Waters glycan analysis columns and/or standards, we are sending this message to announce an addition to Waters glycan analysis portfolio – the availability of new GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kits!

In December 2023, the European Commission will restrict the use of dimethylformamide (DMF) to help protect human health and the environment. DMF will be restricted under REACH Annex XVII. You will now have the option to purchase GlycoWorks™ 
RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kits that contain DMSO as the Labeling reagent solvent, in place of DMF in our standard kits.

The part numbers for the new DMF-free GlycoWorks™  RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kits are:

§  186010607 - GlycoWorks™  RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kit – 96 samples

§  186010608 - GlycoWorks™  RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kit – 24 samples

§  186010609 - GlycoWorks™  RapiFluor-MS™  Eco Labeling Kit – for Automation

The GlycoWorks™  RapiFluor-MS™ Labeling Kits with DMF will continue to be available.


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