WATERS: ICYMI Metabolic profiling, mass spectrometry and the National Phenome Centre, London

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The value of instrument reliability for large‑scale metabolic profiling webinar

As we get closer to ASMS 2024 we wanted to share this incredible presentation from one of the leading voices in Mass Spectrometry, Dr. Gómez-Romero from the National Phenome Centre.

Recorded at last year’s ASMS Users meeting, Dr Gómez-Romero discusses how they have undertaken extensive metabolic phenotyping studies, demonstrating how researchers can identify unique metabolic signatures associated with specific conditions and the opportunities and challenges they face.

Speaker highlights

Maria Gomez
Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Manager
MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre, Imperial College London, UK

Maria Gomez smiling

Key learning objectives:

§  The importance of study design in large-scale metabolic phenotyping

§  How platform stability increases confidence in results

§  How to maximize metabolic phenotyping data from LC-MS experiments

Who should attend:

§  Scientists in academia, industry, core research laboratories and biomedical research

§  Researchers undertaking metabolomic and lipidomic experiments

§  Anyone with an interest in mass spectrometry who wants to learn more


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