Waters Andrew Alliance

Achieve Superior Productivity and
Repeatability, No Matter the User, with
Smart, Connected Pipettes

Manual pipetting requires skill and it can be sensitive to errors such as
dispensing liquid too quickly, not accounting for viscosity of sample,
and contaminating by “double-dipping”. How can manual pipetting be improved?
Introducing Pipette+ with Andrew Alliance Bluetooth Electronic
Pipettes. The most sophisticated and ergonomic pipettes.These smart,
electronic pipettes are controlled from your browser while you execute experiments.

  • Easily design and share protocols with a highly intuitive OneLab user interface
  • Enable repeatable performance and full traceability with Bluetooth capability
  • Saves time, especially with laborious protocols such as concentration normalizations
  • Reduce error with the onboard calculator for serial dilutions
  • Improve efficiency with the Microwell Plate Tracker
  • Part of an ecosystem of connected devices for shaking, heating/cooling, magnetic bead separation, and solid phase extraction


Andrew Alliance

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