PAH determination in food

PAH determination in food:
Automation can also do much more!

Friday, February 19 10:00



Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are within the most analysed contaminants. Due to the high volatility
and the large variation of samples applied, sample preparation poses an exceeding challenge for scientists.
Therefore separation by GPC remains mostly the method of choice, especially for fat-containing matrices or pure oil.

And this is exactly where LCTech's reliable FREESTYLE system, in a setup of GPC-EVA comes in to help you.

This is how you could operate it also in your laboratory:

  • After extraction, the sample is loaded via a sample loop onto a standardized GPC column.
  • Separation from the matrix with preprogrammed cutting of the defined target fraction
  • Online connection of the EVAporation module and controlled concentration of the fraction to a defined end volume
    (selectable in 100 µL steps down to a minimum of 0.2 mL via software)
  • Filling into a closed GC vial (alternatively, to prepare for HPLC analysis, an extremely gentle solvent
    exchange can be selected before transfer)
  • Additional option afterwards: fully automated direct injection into the HPLC sample loop


The special feature here is, that the sample is processed and analyzed fully automatically from the raw extract
to the chromatogram - without any manual intermediate step


Find the full method description in our application note "AN0004" or "AN0012".


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