Food Quality & Authenticity

Food Quality & Authenticity


«Food Quality & Authenticity»


Monday, 18 October, 19:00


Tuesday, 19 October, 11:00


Key learning objectives:

• Find out how Centri® can offer high sensitivity unattended sampling and pre-concentration of VOCs and SVOCs in liquid, solid and gaseous samples.
• See how two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) using INSIGHT® flow modulation allows you to discover more from aroma profiles.
• Learn about the advantages of BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers for sensitive detection, confident identification, and easy-to-use workflows.
• See how smart ChromCompare+ software can automatically ‘spot the difference’ between complex VOC profiles.
• Hear about the real-world application of this technology for quality evaluation of fruit and vegetables, such as avocados, mandarins and mangoes.


Kind Regards,
Michael Kontogiannis
Managing Director


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