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Join our environmental webinar:

PFAS Analysis - What's possible with unique technologies?

May 25
2:00 Greek time




Join us and learn how a LC-MS/MS method was developed for environmental testing labs with the aim to:

§  quantify an extended suite of 48 PFAS in one run

§  reach LOQs between 0.1 to 4 ng/L for all compounds with direct injection of aqueous samples.

In the webinar Jenny Davies will present:

§  What method conditions and instrumentation is needed?

§  How to tackle and eliminate background PFAS contamination?

§  How the brand new TQ Absolute MS coupled with Waters unique UniSpray ion source, together provide ultimate sensitivity?



Jenny Davies
Principal Applications Chemist     
Waters Corporation

Jenny Davies


Claudia Rathmann
Food & Environmental Market Development Manager    
Waters Corporation

Claudia Rathmann


This webinar is part of the Blue Thursdays webinar series by Waters that focuses on environmental analysis. You will find more information about this webinar and all upcoming episodes for this year on the registration page.

Not sure you can attend the live sessions? Register today and watch the episodes on-demand.

You get more information on environmental solutions from Waters by downloading our Drinking Water Analysis Resource Kit or by watching the episodes of last year's Blue Thursday webinar series on demand.

We are looking forward seeing you there.


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