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Learn How MS Imaging has evolved to give Absolute Confidence with Absolute Sensitivity

Wednesday, September 6
09:00 Greek Time


Join us as we introduce the New Targeted MS Imaging solution. This webinar will explain how to go beyond what’s possible with traditional discovery MS Imaging workflows by adding Targeted MS Imaging to your toolkit.

Learn how to:

§  Simply and quickly access lower limits of detection in molecular visualization

§  Reduce the data size and interpretation burden of complex, full scan MS imaging data sets

§  Visualize and quantify known biomarkers, APIs, and metabolites at therapeutic and low biological concentrations

§  Combine sensitivity with high throughput analysis to handle large imaging studies efficiently

§  Obtain comprehensive and detailed spatial information with limited sample preparation

§  Add MSI analysis into a multi-modal imaging workflow with ease

§  Achieve improved environmental sustainability and lower laboratory operational costs with an MSI system that uses 50% less electricity and gas and produces 50% less heat than most other QQQ systems

Presented by:

Dr. Jeph Akakpo
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Kansas Medical Center


Jeph Akakpo smiling at camera

Jeph Akakpo graduated with a B. S. in Biology in 2010 and an MS in Biological Engineering in 2015 from Wilkes University of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, he entered the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he completed PhD training in 2021. His graduate work focused on elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of drug-induced acute liver injury and subsequent repair using technology such as imaging mass spec. His current research focuses on conducting translational studies to decipher the renal mechanisms of injury after an APAP overdose and new biological targets to prevent renal complications after overdose.


Dr. Joanne Ballantyne
Director, MS Imaging
Waters Corporation


Joanne Ballantyne smiling at camera

Joanne completed a PhD in Mass Spectrometry at UMIST in Manchester 2002, in collaboration with UK Ministry of Defence's Science and Technology Lab (Dstl). This was followed by a post-doc at NIH in Bethesda, USA, working in OMICS for the NIMH. At the end of 2018 Joanne joined the Product Management group with responsibility for the SYNAPT and MS Imaging technologies. After gaining ILM7 accreditation in strategic leadership, Joanne is now Director of the MS Imaging program.


Emmanuelle Claude
Consulting Scientist
Waters Corporation


Emmanuelle Claude smiling at camera

Miss Emmanuelle Claude (Master in Fine Chemistry and Business and M.Phil in spectroscopy analysis in organic chemistry and biology) is a Consulting Scientist in the Scientific Operations Department, Wilmslow, UK. She has been a Principal Scientist since 2014 and became a Consulting Scientist in 2021 and is part of the MS imaging team at Waters. The team evaluates and develops new applications & methods for imaging by both MALDI and DESI mass spectrometry, supporting sales with customer visits and demonstrations.


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