WATERS: Vitamins: Are you looking for an accurate analytical solution? Join us on September 26th

Empower Food

Join us for

Analysis of Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins in Food and Beverages​

September 26th
15:30 Greek time


Vitamins testing isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Sample preparation, chromatographic systems and conditions can vary depending on analyte concentration, the sample matrix, whether you’re testing fat or water-soluble vitamins and, last but not least, turnaround time requirements.

Innovations in analytical technology open the door for method enhancement able to reduce run times and solvent use, increase sentivitiy and maximize resolution

What will you learn?

§  Impact of new technology on performance enhancements

§  New approaches for the fat-soluble vitamins determination

§  Empower impact on your lab efficiency

§  How LC/MS-MS improves the analysis of B-Vitamin


Technologies for Reliable Water and Fat-Soluble Vitamins Analysis for Food and Beverages

Dr. Jinchuan Yang
Principal Scientist

Jinchuan Yang

Improving Low Level B-Vitamin Analysis in Food Using LC-MS/MS

Devin Sietstra
Associate Scientist III, Method Development
Eurofins Nutritional Analysis Center

Devin Sietstra


Registrations are open for the full Webinar series!

§  Episode 1: Sugar Analysis - Available on-demand

§  Episode 2: Sweeteners Analysis - Available on-demand

§  Episode 3: Vitamins Analysis - September 26th

§  Episode 4: Amino Acids Analysis - December 4th

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