WATERS: [WEBINAR] Speed Up Method Development with MaxPeak Premier Columns

Maxpeak Premier

Learn how modern HPLC columns can simplify method development AND improve results

Speed Up HPLC Method Development by 30 %

31 October
12:00 Greek time


In less than 20 minutes we are going to show you how you can speed up your method development by 30 % and increase your assay precision 10-fold.

If you have ever spent time troubleshooting poor peak shape, had to deal with irreproducible results or not achieved the resolution you need, this webinar is for you.

§  Had to troubleshoot poor peak shape

§  Suffered from irreproducible results

§  Lacked the resolution you need

Designed for out-of-the box performance, MaxPeak Premier Columns combine the particles you trust with new high performance hardware.

Presented by:

Hazel Dickson
Market Development Manager Europe


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