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Method Development through Quality by Design

Many different approaches are applied to develop chromatographic methods today, including trial and error, method and column scouting, and software-based approaches such as first-principles approach and simplex optimization procedures. These approaches cannot, however, determine the effects of complex interactions between method variables or measure method robustness. Approaching method development from a Quality by Design (QbD) can address these challenges.

Reduce analytical uncertainty with Waters ACQUITY Premier and Arc Premier Systems. The ACQUITY Premier System is ideal for use with QbD-based methodology for LC method development, allowing you to develop the best possible method much faster and with greater confidence. Fusion Method Development Software integrates with Empower 3 and ACQUITY Premier System to design statistically-valid experiments and automatically builds fully ready-to-run sequences.

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AQbD Symposium 2023

AQbD Symposium 2023
November 28 - 29


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