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Introducing GTxResolve Premier SEC 1000Å Columns

Accelerate early research, development, & release testing of GTx drug substances and products

Exciting News! Our latest ultra widepore SEC column is here to help facilitate the measurement of critical quality attributes (CQA's) for mRNA, LNP’s and viral vector-based modalities.

As the biotech industry accelerates development of gene-based therapeutics, there is a growing need for more robust, higher efficiency, inert LC columns to more reliably complete safety, stability and potency-indicating measurements on drug substances and products

Our GTxResolve columns provide you with:

§  Novel surface chemistry supporting platform method development

§  Low adsorption column hardware for enhanced recovery and reproducibility

§  High resolution for aggregate analysis and detection of low-level impurities

§  Improved compatibility & low noise with universally applied detector, such as MALS

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