Delivering Performance and Speed Without Compromise

Introducing the Xevo MRT Mass Spectrometer, bringing our groundbreaking multi-reflecting time-of-flight (MRT) technology to a compact benchtop platform that is ready to revolutionize your lab.

Experience the benefits of 100,000 resolution at a lightning-fast 100 Hz acquisition rate. This state-of-the-art technology delivers consistent robustness and reproducibility generating exceptional data quality for research and routine applications.

§  High Resolution and Mass Accuracy: The Xevo MRT Mass Spectrometer delivers a combination of high mass resolving power and mass accuracy, independent of acquisition rate. Whether you’re analyzing complex matrices or studying intricate compounds, our technology ensures precise results for confident data analysis.

§  Identify with confidence: Dive deeper into biologically relevant concentrations with confidence. Our high mass accuracy allows you to minimize search tolerances and streamline data review saving you time so you can focus on answering the toughest scientific questions.

§  Connected Solutions: Say goodbye to inefficiencies. Xevo MRT Mass Spectrometer integrates seamlessly into your metabolomics, lipidomics, and metabolite identification workflows. Our market-leading chemistry and state-of-the-art informatics guarantee maximum efficiency, reducing time-to-results.

§  Exceptional Science, Every Day: System performance matters. The innovative multi-reflecting time-of-flight technology in the Xevo MRT Mass Spectrometer ensures stability, robustness, and precision, injection after injection.

Time to unlock a new level of confidence with an analytical powerhouse for every lab.


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