Yet there is a Greek company of international scope that provides specialized equipment and know-how for research, production and quality control of Cannabinoids and Pharmaceutical Cannabis.  It also holds an important position in the international market of this economic sector.
Hellamco S.A. has been specializing in the field of scientific equipment since 1984 and has high technology instruments with applications in medicine, food and beverage, environment, biotechnology, biochemistry, materials science and nanotechnology.  Its clientele includes companies from all over the industry, universities, research and auditing agencies.
The company sees itself as part of a solution to the brain drain problem of young scientists in the country and treats cannabis as a major lever for Greece's export growth as the product "that our country will be proudly exporting, relieving our fellow citizens who have it need".
"Our competitive advantage is timelessly based on our experienced personnel.  It’s about Chemists, Biologists and Food Technologists, who have specialized and trained in the leading manufacturers’ companies abroad, which we represent exclusively" says Mr. Kontogiannis, the Director of the company.
[Interview with Apostolis Kapouradakis]
Christos Kontogiannis, who is behind the wheel of Hellamco, belongs to the second generation of the family business founded by Biologist Michail Kontogiannis.  The company has been active for years abroad by providing specialized support services such as calibrations and training in laboratories that have Private and Public customers.  
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