Mycotoxin residues are strictly regulated in many countries. For their detection in the trace range, a fast and efficient extraction is needed. Equally important in sample clean-up is effective depletion of matrix interferents.


High Matrix Reduction and Reliable Recoveries in your Mycotoxin Analysis with LC-MS/MS Thanks to CrossTOX® Column


BThe multi-mycotoxin column CrossTOX® offers the perfect solution:

  • A chemical sorbent ensures high purity of the extracts for sensitive analysis - fast and reliable
  • Unrestricted compatibility with regard to the matrices to be tested (cereals, nuts, dried fruit, feedstuffs)
  • All regulated mycotoxins can be analysed using this technology in combination with LC-MS/MS for fast, reliable, reproducible analysis - CrossTOX®
You can find out more about our CrossTOX® column in our Flyer.


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