Detection of Anionic Polar Pesticides in Food Samples Using the Xevo TQ Absolute With Sub µg/kg Limits of Quantification

Are you ready to revolutionize your polar pesticide residue analysis?

This application brief dives into the fascinating world of anionic polar pesticides and shows how the Waters Anionic Polar Pesticide Column can be utilized alongside the Xevo TQ Absolute Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer to check regulatory compliance for these challenging analytes.

There has been increasing demand to move toward a more effective approach for the determination of anionic polar pesticide residues in agricultural commodities, facilitated by the QuPPe generic extraction method. As more and more laboratories increase their analytical coverage to include the highly polar, ionic pesticides using this simplified "dilute and shoot" approach, the Xevo TQ Absolute, with its enhanced sensitivity in negative ionization mode, makes achieving significantly lower levels of quantification for critical anionic compounds, such as glyphosate, possible.

Dive into the details and explore our thorough application brief on anionic polar pesticide residue analysis. Uncover insights, discover methodologies, and see how the Xevo TQ Absolute can transform your lab.

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