Don't Compromise Your Pesticide Residue Testing, Choose APGC Technology Today

In today’s competitive landscape, laboratories face increasing pressure to reach lower analyte detection limits. Discover how the Waters Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Source for Gas Chromatography (APGC) Technology outperforms traditional electron ionization (EI) systems. It offers unparalleled selectivity and sensitivity, revolutionizing GC-MS/MS for pesticide residue testing.

Learn how methods based upon APGC with the Xevo TQ-XS are considered suitable for the determination of residues of a wide range of GC-amenable pesticides in agricultural commodities, for checking compliance with MRLs, and for determination at much lower concentrations.

This whitepaper will help you be one step closer to:

§  Staying ahead of the curve: Understand the latest advancements in next generation GC-MS/MS technology.

§  Improving your lab’s performance: Implement strategies to enhance selectivity and sensitivity.

§  Elevating your pesticide residue testing: Gain insights that can transform your analytical workflows.

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